There are a lot of wonderful causes out there—and ways to help children. We believe that focus is a pre-requisite for achieving high impact results. Our special focus is to significantly improve the everyday quality of life for children and young adults who live with physical, sensory, cognitive, or developmental disabilities.


We choose to give where we work and live. This gives us the unique opportunity to involve ourselves directly with the people and projects we fund on an ongoing basis. As volunteers and program participants, we are available to support them in their need and celebrate with them in their triumphs.


We don’t wait for projects to come us. We go looking for them: specifically health and education projects that hold the promise of empowering children to fully develop their potential and enjoy rich lives. We like supporting small, nimble organizations that are on the cutting edge of technology and research, who are committed to exploring new ideas and new ways of doing things.


We believe in the principle of volunteerism. We do not have paid staff. The function of our foundation is based entirely on the volunteer service of family members and our associates.  Beyond the projects we fund, we also participate as volunteers in our community.


We are committed to the highest level of stewardship:  sound funding decisions, ongoing measurement of results, and the professional management of assets.  Together with the Spirit of Giving, engendered and passed on to future generations, these strategies will assure our continuance and increase our capacity to give more over time.