California State University, Long Beach



Empowering students with disabilities to attend college and increase their possibilities for a rich and productive future is the goal of the Bridge Program, a partnership of the Murphy Family Foundation and California State University, Long Beach (campus at right.)

California State University, Long Beach

“Bob Murphy’s enthusiasm and eager participation on our University board has truly come to fruition in the Bridge Project. This pilot program is strongly aligned with our goals of academic transformation, unequaled access to education, and building a greater community by helping these high school students transition to college.

What’s more, it will raise awareness of the unique challenges that students with disabilities face. Although physical barriers to disabled students attending college no longer exist, our research shows there are societal and cultural ones still to be overcome. We are excited to be a part of this change that will benefit both our community and beyond.”

— Andrea Taylor, Vice-President University Relations and Development,
California State University, Long Beach

The Bridge Project represents the Murphy Family Foundation’s first foray into education. Ambitious and ground-breaking, the Bridge Project with Cal State has the potential to significantly raise the awareness and increase the number of students with disabilities who attend college. The Pilot Project ideally fits the foundation’s key goals:  it fulfills the criteria of enhancing the quality of life for youth with disabilities while providing means for them to become highly valued and contributing members of society.

Of the 77% of students with disabilities who want to go to college, only about a third make it. We are excited to partner with Cal State to increase their chances, starting with Jordan High School in Long Beach, whose students are at high risk for not attending college.