Miller Children’s Hospital

The Murphy Family Foundation had its beginning in Bob Murphy’s philanthropic support of Long Beach Memorial and Miller Children’s Hospitals. Ola Mae Murphy, his mother, spent much of her final days under excellent care of Long Beach Memorial and Bob expressed his appreciation through charitable gifts to the Hospital. He also served on the Board of Directors for Memorial Care Foundation. There, under the mentoring of President Jim Normandin, he learned all aspects of what it takes to lead.

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California State University, Long Beach

The Bridge Project represents the Murphy Family Foundation’s first foray into education. Ambitious and ground-breaking, the Bridge Project with Cal State has the potential to significantly raise the awareness and increase the number of students with disabilities who attend college. The Pilot Project ideally fits the foundation’s key goals: it fulfills the criteria of enhancing the quality of life for youth with disabilities while providing means for them to become highly valued and contributing members of society.

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