Kristie’s Foundation

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Kristie’s Foundation

“I absolutely love the Murphy family. Five years ago they reached out to us and asked how they could help. We met with them and told them about our work giving end-of-life support to dying children and their families. Ever since that first grant, they’ve been our support every year. Without their funding, we would not able to provide critical comfort and financial support to families in desperate need.

Over the last 2 years, the Murphys have supported our Peer to Peer program for older teens. As a foundation, they are pretty unique. They keep us going not only with financial support but with emotional support. If I need something I know I can pick up the phone and they will be eager to help. The relationship we have with them is priceless.”

— Laurie Kotas, Founder and CEO, Kristie’s Foundation for Critically Ill Children

teen-kristies-SIDEBARPeer to Peer Program. During the last 2 years, over 15 to 20 families have participated in this teen program funded by the Murphy Family Foundation. Because of illness and frequent hospitalization, teens are often isolated from their peers, which is particularly challenging in this period of their development. In this program, they get the chance to hang out and experience social interaction and remember they are still teenagers.

The Peer to Peer Program matches carefully selected and specially trained young adult volunteers with critically ill teens in Southern California. Together they play video games, make arts and crafts, work on puzzles and enjoy one another’s company. This teen-focused program greatly enhances the care available to hospitalized and at home adolescents.