Amazing Babies

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Amazing Babies

“The goal of our program is to keep in better contact with families, support them in their transition to home, assess babies at risk and offer interventions and education to families… in the interim period between NICU discharge and outpatient follow up.”

— Karen Schwarz, Physical Therapist, NICU Rehabilitation Lead, Miller Children’s Hospital

“Many things can happen with the development of these babies within the first 30 days of leaving the hospital so it was important to us that we had this support program in place.”

— Christine Marten, M.A., CCC-SLP, Manager, Pediatric Rehabilitation

mom-with-infant-PROJECTThe Amazing Babies Program was created to improve healthy outcomes for critically-ill babies who are at high risk upon discharge from the neonatal intensive care unit. many families have benefited from this program since its inception. Through this program, babies who are “fragile feeders” or have developmental concerns, return to have a follow-up visit with the NICU rehabilitation team within a few weeks of leaving the hospital.

During this visit, entirely funded by a grant from The Murphy Family Foundation, babies are assessed and recommendations made to support their development and care needs. Without this funding, critically ill infants would have to wait up to six months for a follow-up visit.