When Bob Murphy was ten years old, his mother, Ola Mae Murphy, took him to the Veterans’ Hospital in Long Beach, California. The sight of wounded soldiers, some without legs or arms, and some with horrific disfigurements, shocked the little boy. And then he heard the words of his mother: 

“Don’t ever feel sorry for yourself—and always
help others less fortunate than you.”

This was the seed that would someday grow up to be the Murphy Family Foundation.
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The Murphy Family Leadership team—its Boards of Directors and Trustees–are committed to the highest level of stewardship: sound funding decisions, ongoing measurement of results, and the professional management of assets.

“When I was invited to join their Board of Directors three years ago, I was delighted. What continually inspires me is the kind of heart and concern this family has for others—and how proactively they seek out opportunities to make a difference in children’s lives. It’s so absolutely refreshing to be a part of this amazing family, from the founder Bob Murphy to his 12-year old niece who puts in her vote along with everyone else!”

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The Murphy Family Foundation has been granting organizations to improve the quality of life for children since 1999. View a list of grantee organizations.
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The Murphy Distinguished Volunteer Award was created by the Murphy Family Foundation in 1999 to honor volunteers who give their time to bring joy and happiness to hospitalized patients and their families at Long Beach Memorial and Miller Children’s Hospital Long Beach. The Murphy Distinguished Volunteer Award honors volunteers who demonstrate compassion, commitment, caring and unselfishness to the highest level during their course of service.